Medical Insurance Savings – Four Ways to Stretch Your Pennies

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With the rising cost of medical insurance, and everything else, in today’s society, you may be surprised to find out that you can actually find savings when it comes to your medical insurance. That’s right – there are actually ways to save money regarding medical insurance.

1. Get healthy. You are more likely to get a lower medical insurance quote if you are a nonsmoker who eats right, exercises regularly, and isn’t overweight. Truthfully – if you were an insurance company who was approached by an obese, sedentary, chain smoker asking for a medical insurance quote as he shoved a greasy cheeseburger into his mouth, would you jump at the chance to insure him? We didn’t think so.

2. Shop around. This is usually the first piece of advice anyone will offer you when it comes to purchasing medical insurance and getting savings; however, there’s no point in shopping around if you aren’t in shape (see above). You can find savings with medical insurance by shopping around because insurance companies are constantly competing with one another. This means there are deals and discounts to be found!

3. Raise some costs and lower others. You can actually save money if you raise your deductibles, and lower the costs of your prescription medicine. Ask your doctor to write your prescription for a generic version of the drug, rather than the more expensive name brand. Some doctors do this automatically, and some states are even required by law to fill a prescription with the drug’s generic equivalent unless otherwise ordered by the doctor.

4. Pay attention to your policy. Many people accumulate higher medical insurance bills because they don’t follow their medical insurance policy’s instructions. Make sure you understand your policy before and after you purchase it. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact your insurance agent.

It’s true the cost of medical insurance can be pricey, but there are savings to be found.