Mobile Home Insurance – How to Cut Premium Costs by 30% or More!

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Mobile homes share many of the same insurance needs that non-mobile homeowner’s have. One of the things that a mobile homeowner is looking for is a home protection policy that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. What would you think if I were to tell you that you can save as much as 30 to even 40% over what you are paying right this very minute – and that you can get this savings in less than half an hour? This is a dirty little insurance secret that your broker hopes you’ll never learn about.

It really is possible for you to get your mobile homeowner’s policy at what amounts to a wholesale cost every month, saving you potentially hundreds of dollars a year. But before I reveal the dirty little secret that can save you 30% or more right up front, let’s look at a few other things you can do that can cut the cost of your coverage even more than that!

Start by paying your monthly premium directly from your bank account. Preparing and sending you a bill by mail every month costs your company a lot more than you think. If you save them this expense by paying your premium automatically then your company will gladly pass most of that savings on to you.

Simply mounting motion-sensitive floodlights around your home will save you money.

Repairing any loose floorboards on decks or porches will make your home less susceptible to injury lawsuits and that can also save you money.

Make sure every door has a deadbolt lock and all windows have a working lock. If you have a sliding door make sure that it cannot be lifted out of its track and easily removed. You can do this by screwing screws into the top rail of the track. The trick is to only screw the screws about half way down, leaving them exposed in the track, preventing the door from being lifted up.

If there is a retired person living in the home you can often save money on your insurance. The reason for this is because of someone is in the home most of the time there is less possibility of extensive water damage from a broken pipe or fire damage.

So what is the dirty little secret that your broker hopes you’ll never find out about? The one that can save you at least 30% on the cost of your homeowner’s insurance instantly? You won’t believe how simple it is.

All you need to do is to buy your homeowner’s policy online.

That’s it. Online brokers have almost no overhead to cover and so they can sell policies every day of the week at wholesale prices and still make a profit. Also, there is lots and lots of competition for your online insurance business. The only way for an online broker to stay in business with all of that competition is to cut prices as low as possible.

The result is that for once you come out the clear winner! And there’s another benefit as well. When you buy your mobile policy online YOU are in complete control – there’s no agent sitting across from you talking you into buying more than you need and more than you can afford. Wouldn’t that be a nice change?

Even though I’ve researched this extensively you don’t need to take my word for any of this. Get online yourself and just see how much you can save. You’ll be shocked at the prices that you’ll find – and laughing all the way to the bank every single month from now on.